The Last Rodeo

In the middle of June conditions start to deteriorate pretty quickly around the state. The snow becomes sun-cupped and water runoff begins to form runnels on the snow surface. 3am wake-ups were beginning to take a toll on me and my motivation. Our neighbor Cassidy, however, just got a touring setup and that sparked our interest of getting back out one last time. We decided to head up Quandary’s North Face and found surprisingly smooth snow. Besides the disturbing McDonald’s breakfast I had, I couldn’t have asked for a better last day before hanging up the boots. Continue reading “The Last Rodeo”

Mount Parnassus- The Drainpipe

Pretty straightforward day in the mountains. Go towards the big ass mountain in front of you and go down. Alex picked me up in Boulder around 4am and we made our way up to Berthoud Pass, but took the Henderson Mine Road exit towards Jones Pass. A couple dirt roads later, we were at the Ruby Gulch Trailhead. Round trip was under 5 miles, so we were in and out of there pretty quick and back to Boulder by noon. With a pretty simple approach, you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck and I’m putting this place high on my list to come back to next spring. Solid day!

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