Elevator Shaft, Rocky Mountain National Park

Today I learned the importance of a good breakfast.

It’s always hard to shove food in your mouth when you wake up early to go skiing, and today I just decided not to. Cam picked me up and we made our way up to the Park, stopping at The Donut Haus in Estes Park. I got a couple donuts but still wasn’t very hungry so I ate one and saved the other for later.

We got to the Bear Lake parking lot and then we were off. Somehow we both forgot sunglasses.


Huge cornice break on Hallett’s South Face.


Cam and Lake Haiyaha.



We made our way to Lake Haiyaha and then up the Elevator Shaft. It was really warm and stupidly I left my jacket on while climbing. Three quarters of the way up I was getting really lightheaded and dizzy if I looked down. The slope was heating up pretty fast too so at the same time I was trying to keep a good pace so we could get to the top. We finally did and those donuts I saved sure did taste good! OK, now time to ski!


Cam, ultra barreled in the large walls of the Elevator Shaft, and ripping like always. ↓










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