Silver Couloir on Easter Sunday

I had my sights on skiing this line for a while now, just as I had my sights on attending Microbreweries for the Environment on Saturday night. This event is a celebration of craft beer, as well as a fundraiser for several local non-profit organizations and the CU Environmental Center. The event featured over 10 local breweries, a few bands, and after attending last year, I knew I would be going again.

The morning after Microbreweries, 2014. Photo: Mike Battey

 I had plans to ski the next day, but the where and when hadn’t been confirmed yet. And because there are no guarantees in life, I was solely focused on the pint glass in front of me. The beer was flowing and the bands were jamming, and in between drinks, I decided it was time to give my friends Mac and Marc a call. We all agreed that the conditions would be good to go after something big. After a snowy February, March became warmer and persistent slab problems had been disappearing. The Silver Couloir on Buffalo Mountain was the decision. Check please, barkeep. 

4/5/15- As expected, I felt a little under the weather Sunday morning, but the stoke was high and Mac, Marc, and I were on the road by 7am. After the usual stop at Big Daddy’s in Golden to fuel up, we were on i70 and headed in to the mountains.

The Silver Couloir on Buffalo Mountain. Photo via Google Image,
Buffalo Mountain from i70.

We made it to the Ryan Gulch Trailhead and began our ascent.

Photo via
Marc, getting ready to attack the beast.
Just a couple selfies.

The snow was nice. 6-8 inches of soft on top of a firm layer that made for a nice boot pack, but it didn’t take long to realize how long 3k of vert would be. Spirits were high and we rotated setting the boot pack, taking several breaks. After a 3 hour climb, we reached the top of our line and soaked in the beautiful scenery. We refueled and let our legs rest.


It was time to go skiing!

Mac making his first turns.
3k of hot pow!



Yours truly, feeling FREE! photo: Marc Doherty

By the end of our run, our legs were toast.

Marc, taking in the day.
Necessary relaxation before heading back to the car. Photo: Marc Doherty

It was time to go home.

Back to civilization.

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