East Side and Tahoe: Part 3

Friday we decided to keep it mellow. We were a little tired from the East Side,  but we did take a few laps at Alpine Meadows and hot tubbed to get our legs good. I was leaving on Sunday, so we planned to have a big day on Saturday. Our plan was to make it over to the Bronco Chutes. We had high hopes that the conditions would be good, but the only way to really know was to get there. The approach wasn’t anything extraordinary. For the most part, we were skinning on hard snow and crust, and became a little apprehensive of how the snow would be in the chutes. However, we knew the chutes were north facing and there was a possibility they were holding some preserved powder from a storm the week before.



Although research can give you plenty of information on an area, nothing compares to actually being there. After a 2-3 hour approach across dirt, rock, and snow, we were pleasantly introduced to the Bronco Chutes.


IMG_0845 IMG_0852

It was time to go skiing.

Keegan, dropping.



IMG_0958 IMG_0957

We got back to the car around 4pm, stoked, sunburnt, and hungry. Over the last eight hours we had skied three different chutes in surprisingly good conditions. We celebrated the rest of the day and I was driving back to Boulder by 4:30 am the next morning.

11079622_1578781092405933_5282659168581370200_n IMG_0969

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