East Side and Tahoe: Part 1

Spring Break 2015- I had plans to camp near Conundrum Hot Springs from around Wednesday to Saturday with a couple friends, one being my main ski partner, Marc.  It was Tuesday and I hadn’t talked to Marc in a few days. I called him up to talk about our plans. Turns out some things came up and the trip I had in my head changed to a shorter trip that would most likely include only one day of skiing at Crested Butte. I had just bought my first splitboard several weeks prior and hadn’t had the opportunity to ride it yet. I was really hoping to take it out and get some bc lines in. I decided to opt out of this revised plan knowing my friends would be bummed, but I had other sights in mind. I was frustrated, spring break was over in less than a week and I wanted to get some epic skiing in. The impulsive side of me kicked in and I called up my buddy Keegan who lives out in Tahoe. Keegan gets after it more than anyone I know, the go to guy. He answered the phone and I asked him what he was doing the rest of the week and how he would feel if I drove out to Tahoe that day. To no surprise, he said he was planning a short camping trip down to the East Side to shred some couloirs. PERFECT, I’ll meet you there. I said fuck it and by 1pm I was on the road- me, my splitboard, and a sleeping bag.


Fast forward a 16hr  car ride and a night in Beaver, Utah, and I was in California. It was around 3 in the afternoon and I knew Keegan and Sasha +friends would be skiing, so I planned on just finding their campsite and hanging out until they got back. I remembered from talking to Keegan earlier, that they had planned on skiing the Bloody Couloir. I decided to Google Image the line on my phone and start driving around to look for its area. Unexpectedly, I found it pretty quickly. I gave Keegan a call to see how they were doing, and it just so happened to be right when they were topping out. I took a look through my binoculars and could see them waving and jumping up and down. I FOUND MY FRIENDS! Good thing, cause I was 16 hours away from home and in an area I had never been before. I got to watch my friends ski the Bloody Couloir through my binoculars. It was a sweet one!

IMG_0707 IMG_0710 IMG_0712 IMG_0717

The rest of the day we grilled, drank beers, and talked about where we would ski the next morning. One beer led to another, which led to drinking whiskey in a hot spring, naked under the stars.

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